get rid of の意味と使い方は?発音付き例文で解説



“get rid of” の意味は「物を捨てる」だけではありません。


本記事では「物を捨てる」以外の意味含め、“get rid of (something)”  の意味と使い方をまとめます!



日常会話でも便利な英語表現 “get rid of (something)” の意味・使い方とともに、発音も一緒に確認してくださいね!

get rid of の意味とは?

get rid of の意味①:捨てる、処分する


“get rid of (something)”  の一つ目の意味は「~を捨てる、処分する」です。


get rid of something

to remove something that you do not want any longer:

引用元:Cambridge Dictionary

We need to get rid of this broken glass.


I’ve got to get rid of all the old clothes I don’t wear anymore.

Man…look at this junk. It’s going to be a pain to get rid of it all. 

get rid of の意味②:好ましくない状況を取り除く


“get rid of (something)”“物”だけでなく、好ましくない状況や人に対しても使います。

たとえば、「長引く風邪」や「服のシミ」、「台所のゴキブリ」や「浮気者の彼氏」などを”取り除く”場合も “get rid of” を使って表現することができます。

get rid of somebody/something

to take action so that you no longer have something unpleasant that you do not want

引用元:Longman Dictionary

get rid of somebody/something

to make someone leave because you do not like them or because they are causing problems

引用元:Longman Dictionary

I really want to get rid of these wrinkles around my eyes.


Do you know how to get rid of the stains on these mugs?


I wish I could get rid of all the toxic people in my life.


You have got to get rid of Emi. She is destroying our friend group.

I joined a gym and got rid of my muffin top!

Good for you!

Eek! A spider!

Aw. What a cute little fella.

It is not cute! Please get rid of it asap!