Good for you. の3つの意味と使い方は?発音付き例文で解説


“Good for you.”



本記事では “Good for you.” の意味と使い方をまとめます。



日常会話でも便利な英語表現 “Good for you.” の意味・使い方とともに、発音も一緒に確認してくださいね!

Good for you. の意味とは?



“Good for you.” は、主に次の場合に使われます。






Good for you!

An expression of approval or support of someone for something they have done or accomplished.

引用元:The Free Dictionary

good for you!

used to show approval for someone’s success or good luck:

引用元:Cambridge Dictionary

発音付き例文で Good for you. の意味と使い方を確認!

Good for youの意味①「よかったね」

You found a good place to live? Good for you!


I heard Aya got into the college of her choice. Good for her!

I got my ticket to NY. I can’t believe my dream is finally coming true!

Good for you! 

How was the night with Nate?

It was amazing. He took me to a nice fancy restaurant. The food was good, the service was amazing, and the atmosphere was just wonderful.

Good for you!

He even bought me this necklace! Man, isn’t he out of this world?

Good for youの意味②「えらいぞ」「よくやった」

I joined a gym and got rid of my muffin top!

Good for you!

I’m thinking of doing some volunteer work to support disadvantaged children. So, I’m gonna contact some organizations this weekend.

That’s amazing. Good for you!

I finally broke up with my boyfriend.

Good for you! You’re better off without that cheating jerk

That’s for sure.

Good for youの意味③ 皮肉として「よかったね」「えらいね」


言い方や状況次第で Good for you. は皮肉になるので覚えておきましょう。

Good for you.
(そりゃあ、よかったね。そりゃあ、えらいね *皮肉)

When the new model of my car came out, I just had to have it…so I asked Daddikins. Of course, he bought it for me.
(私の車の新しいモデルがでてさ、それがすごくほしくなっちゃって、それでパパちゃんにお願いしたの。もちろん買ってくれたよね。(*Daddikins は Daddyの変形で、ニックネームみたいなものです))

Gee…good for you.

What do you think of this one? I heard it has rave reviews. 

I don’t like that guy’s attitude, so I don’t want to buy any of his products.

Well, good for you. Though, it’s probably no skin off his nose. He’s got so many other followers….I’m buying it.