You got it. の意味と使い方は?発音付き例文で解説


“You got it.”



本記事では “You got it.”  の意味と使い方をまとめますよ!



日常会話でも便利な英語表現 “You got it.” の意味・使い方とともに、発音も一緒に確認してくださいね!

You got it. の意味とは?



“You got it.”何かを頼まれたときに承諾するときの英語表現で「いいよ」「了解」という意味で使います。

you got it
US informal

used to say that you will quickly do what someone has asked you to do:

引用元:Cambridge Dictionary

発音付き例文で You got it. の意味と使い方を確認!


Can you make some hot water for me?

You got it!

It’s between you and me, okay?

Yeah, you got it.

I’m going to the convenient store. Is there anything you need me to pick up?

Oh, yeah, can you get ice cream for me, vanilla or chocolate? 

You got it!

What would you like for dinner?

I can’t think of anything for now. Surprise me?

You got it.