It’s a piece of cake. の意味と由来は?発音付き例文で解説



“It’s a piece of cake.”



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piece of cake の意味とは?



“piece of cake” は、「簡単で、動作もないこと」「朝飯前なこと」「楽勝なこと」に対して使われる英語表現です。


piece of cake

something that is very easy to do

引用元:Cambridge Dictionary

発音付き例文で piece of cake の意味と使い方を確認!


It’s a piece of cake.


Today’s class was a piece of cake.


My brother is really good with his hands. For him, making things, like furniture, is a piece of cake.

Dang. My laptop froze! Do you think you can fix this?

Sure. Leave it to me! Oh, this? Fixing this’ll be a piece of cake!

Can you do me a favor?

Sure. What is it?

Can you reach the blender on the top shelf? It’s just out of my reach. 

Piece of cake!