for the record の意味と使い方は?発音付き例文で解説



For the record, I’ve been right from the get-go.




本記事では “for the record”  の意味と使い方をまとめますよ!



日常会話でも便利な英語表現 “for the record” の意味・使い方とともに、発音も一緒に確認してくださいね!

for the record の意味とは?



“for the record”「念のために言っておくけど」という意味の英語表現です。





for the record

spoken used to tell someone that what you are saying should be remembered or written down

引用元:Longman Dictionary 

for the record

If you give some information for the record, you give it in case people might find it useful at a later time, although it is not a very important part of what you are talking about.

引用元:Collins Dictionary

発音付き例文で for the record の意味と使い方を確認!


For the record, I’ve been right from the get-go.


I’d like to say, for the record, you started it.

I’m thinking of investing in Bitcoin.

For the record, I don’t think it’s a good idea, but I guess you could give it a try.

Why do I have to meet this guy?

For the record, I’m doing this for you. You need a new guy to get over your ex.



My boyfriend snapped at me the other day…for the record, he usually is a calm listener. I think he was having a bad day.


If the Tigers win the title this year, and for the record, they’ve won it for the past 5 years, then they will be the only team to have such a long winning streak.

Have you ever seen cherry blossoms?

Yes, I have. For the record, I actually was born in Japan.