freak out の意味と使い方は?発音付き例文で解説


“I freaked out.”


本記事では “freak out”  の意味と使い方をまとめますよ!



日常会話でも便利な英語表現 “freak out” の意味・使い方とともに、発音も一緒に確認してくださいね!

イディオム “freak out” の意味とは? 



“freak out” は、驚いたり、怒ったり、焦ったりして、興奮することをいいます。



freak out 

to become very anxious, upset, or afraid, or make someone very anxious, upset, or afraid

引用元:Longman Dictionary

freak (someone) out

to be very excited or emotional, or to cause someone be this way

引用元:Cambridge Dictionary




Julia freaked out when she heard that Arashi was disbanding.


Max freaked out when the lead singer high-fived him during the concert. 


I tried to keep my cool when I saw Jon Bernthal on my plane, but I was freaking out on the inside. 

Promise not to freak out?

I promise. 

I lost Mom’s diamond necklace. 



What’s with your car? Did you get a new one?

Oh, that? That is just a rental. I got into an accident the other day and…my car got totaled.

Are you kidding?!? What happened?

I was driving to work as usual, right? But I was running late and kind of in a hurry,  when suddenly out of the blue a big deer jumped out in front of me! I got so freaked out and almost hit it!

Oh my God!

Right? I swerved out of the way and barely missed it, but then I crashed into a tree. 

Geez. Thank goodness you didn’t get hurt or anything.